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Our aim with all characters was to create a safe space for gender exploration and fluidity, as opposed to being driven by a specific gender.

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"Making mistakes is how we grow"

Kora is the human connection for both the team of characters trying to learn from earth, and the viewers watching our show.

She is enthusiastic, upbeat, nurturing, with a big sister energy.

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“You don’t always need words to be heard”


Represents the values of create and grow.

Neutron’s symbol is a spiral that represents curiosity and creativity.Neutron is Neurodiverse (experience, interact and interpret the world in unique ways).

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"The best person to be is yourself"


Represents the values of trust and shine.

Phoenix’s symbol is a star that represents the ability to recognise and show one’s true self and have the confidence to truly express themselves.


"That’s ok I did it my way."


Represents the values of love and nurturing.

Amaya’s symbol is a heart that represents a feminine energy that is found in us all.

Small and mighty - strong leadership qualities.

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"When you take care of yourself, you can take care of others”


Represents the values of strength and grounding.

Cosmo’s symbol is a diamond that represents resilience and persistence.

Cosmo is the thinker of the group.

He has a strong focus around health and well-being.

Elder Tree

(AKA Grandpa Tree)

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"Our truth is wisdom we share”

Elder Tree represents learning from the past/passing down wisdom.

We would like this character to have no gender at all, but yet it’s wise nature, warmth and constant advice is reminiscent of a grandparent.

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