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Purple Planet


EPACE is an anagram for peace, and Zen, the thought and balance of oneself within their reality.  EPACE Zen seeks to help children engage with the world around them in an open-minded manner that allows for free exploration of topics. The EPACE Zen characters are a team of interplanetary explorers who travel the universe with inquiring minds to learn from each environment they encounter.   


Content for children that is fun and engaging, to help them better understand their unique selves. Our intent is to meet children where they are at. Diversity is a key component of the show - which is reflected particularly through our characters. 


Content and Target Audience

Our original content was made to specifically reflect our vision above, and what we feel EPACE Zen is all about. As the demand for YouTube content increased, we began to branch into stories and songs with our characters. 

We would like to move our original and current content into EPACE Zen Junior, aimed at 3-5 year olds, keeping our animation under the title EPACE Zen, aiming at 6-8 years olds (giving us bridging content).

What sets it apart?

Our characters represent a diversity of children. 

EPACE Zen and EPACE Zen Junior are driven by a core set of values, these are represented by our lead characters Phoenix, who embodies trust and shine, Amaya who embodies love and nurture, Neutron who embodies creativity and growth, and Cosmo who embodies strength and grounding. Our leading character, Kora, is like the umbrella harnessing those four characters, driving the team and allowing a further familiar connection through the screen to our viewers. Our character ‘Grandpa Tree’, who we would like to rename to ‘Elder Tree’ offers that warmth and advice from that elder generation, that children and adults all love to receive.

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A show all about embracing the inquisitive nature of young children through the use of puppets, song, dance and stories.


A fun place to learn about the world and grow.


The Vibe

Peaceful, Playful, Fun

Where nature meets technology


Target Audience

3-5 years old 

An animation that embraces the fun of fiction while finding itself grounded in universal truths of children and their realities. 


Peaceful Superheros, with a new way of resolving conflict. The show is action-packed with different strategies to help children understand themselves in their ever-changing world.



Action, Peaceful Solutions, Connection 

Where science meets natural


Target Audience

6-8 years old 

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